Words are like cotton candy,

They are fluffy at first,

But when you touch them they get solid

And can hurt with sweetness.

Just walk by,

Do not stick with them.


The pre-enlightenment period was defined by the holy truth. Like a child in the mother’s womb the Christian society believed that there is a god whom is invisible and directs the world. 

Within the enlightenment it was perceived that from an outstanding point the mother can be identified and God is unmasked. 

However, enlightenment moved the border for a God just a bit further to the outside. God is in this post-enlightened period at some specific point beyond the appearances. 


There is a god sphere and a world sphere. We humans inhabit the human sphere. We are including many spheres in our life. The size of our life sphere regulates the freedom we have in life. The larger our spheres are the more choices we have to choose from. But they are all an illusion, there is only this one energy we can consume. All is one.


We think we own private land,
But this is an illusion.

We think we own stocks,
But this is an illusion.

We think we own a car, a house, a jet,
But this is an illusion.

We think we own the blood and work force of the others,
We exploit and grow our luxury, but this is an illusion.

We own nothing but our life and the labour,
But this is an illusion too.