Spring Day

Light blue spring sky,
Large shadows dancing at walls,
A new day arrives.



The shadows on the ground,
Reflections of the spring sun,
A dance in black and white.


Majestic circling in high air,
No movement but gliding.

No blinking with an eagle’s eye,
Searching the ground far below.

No thinking just being,
Until the prey moves.

Falling fast to the ground,
Picking up the target.

No time for thoughts,
Clear mind high in the sky.

Being one with the task,
Being one with our nature.


While I am running,
I meditate.

I breathe in and step and step,
Keep the breath in and step.

I breathe out and step and step,
I leave the breath out and step.

I move by step and another step,
I keep running along my way.

There is no goal no aim,
The is only me and my breath.

I keep the breath flowing,
As I keep my steps going.