Nothing is steady,
Everything flows,
Nothing is forever,
Everything changes.

Be ready for the change,
Be steady in the stream,
Be upright in your life,
Be constant in love.



Early morning in the city
Waste spilled everywhere
I walk in spring air with bird songs.


If everything is one, why do I feel separated and lonely sometimes?

We think and separate ourselves from the world.
We categorize everything and we are a category ourselves.

There is no self, there are no thoughts.
Everything dissolves into one.
One not two.
One. Is all.


We are always talking.

We talk with words.
We talk with our hands.
We talk with our eyes.

We share opinions.
We share feelings.
We share ideologies.

We are not stopping distributing our knowledge.
We are never finished with discussing controversies.
We are not done with stealing time from others.

We should stop talking
And start listening
And spreading love.

We need to always love.


Silence is everywhere.
Silence is within the loudest noise.
Silence is to be found in the busiest streets.

Silence is the blank paper.
And the noise the ink we use to write our story.
Everything is embedded in silence.

Silence surrounds us,
But we choose to see the gaps.
Silence is in our hearts. Find it.

Living – what for?

What is our life good for?
What can we achieve in life?
What is the right thing to do?

We live to be.
We live to love.
We live to enjoy.
We live to smile.
We live to experience.
We live to live.

That is all.
Just live. Now.