Being in the universe

The emptiness of the universe is the vast majority. Therefore nature contains mainly nothing. The minority of the universe is what emerges everything. Only through this small amount of energy in the universe is the existence produced. The minority in the universe is everything. Similarly as organisms are mainly containing water, but they are no water. Therefore the small content which is not water brings life in existence. Life is the minority of all things being in the universe. Within this constellation a further small difference divides the static plants from the mobile animals. Intentionally mobile animals are the minority of the minority in the universe. This minority has created a complex system for the production of thoughts. The brains of animals are constantly generating thought energy which allows social interaction. Moreover it can be seen that a slight shift towards a higher complexity of the network of nervous cells creates the possibility of a cultural sphere. Culture is the product of intellectual activity of its inhabitants. Every step in the development towards cultural educated humans is a step into the uniqueness within the universe. Whatever comes next is a smaller step compared to the fact that the majority in the universe is nothingness and that the minority produces the being and all existence in the universe.


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