We believe in our beliefs. We think we are right about them. We trust our opinions. We follow our thoughts. We imagine to run on the tracks of truth.

Is that so?
What if our beliefs are false, our way of living corrupt, our thinking mislead?

We shall rather not believe in something. Do not trust ideologies. Live your life now and accept changes. There are many detours on our road to death. There is no other source of trust. Do not follow the sirens. Be alert and life now. The moment is not for beliefs it is for living. Live free. Live authentic. Just be.

Mother-Child Sphere

The first and most intimate sphere of our life is the mother-child-sphere. We life in the amniotic fluid for nine months, it nourishes us and it is our boundary. It defines our horizon. Later in life this sphere will always belong to us, it will follow us everywhere. We seek this duality and we seek the amniotic fluid. The ocean is our amniotic fluid in life, it borders the land we are living on. We are receiving nutrients and fluids from it, through the rain which comes from the sea and through fish we eat. The ocean supplies us with all we need. We are living on land and craving for the ocean, for our amniotic fluids. The ocean is our symbolic mother and our true evolutionary breeding ground. We have a special relationsship to our mother, to our fluids, to the oceans. Keep it clean and clear.


Many horizons are captured in life.

The far distant one hovering over the sea and beneath the sky. Or the one of the unborn in the mothers womb, very narrow and close, but still a horizon. The horizon in the city you cannot see because of all the houses and highrises, but in the great plains you can feel the horizon hitting hard the sky in some distance. In the mountains the horizon is a mysterious place beyond the next pass or hill.

The horizon defines our possibilities. The more distant the horizon is, the more we can imagine the choices we might have. The narrower it comes the less we have to choose from. Horizons are defining our mind-set. To widen our horizon in a narrow setting we have to imagine the open landscape and free our minds from the walls around us.


We are the slaves of our own lives.

We are bound to breath, eat and drink.

We are part of a society and culture.

We follow the truths of the economy.

We let us be directed by the money.

We live with our traditions.

We trust our beliefs.

To be truly free from all chains of life means to be quitting suffering under the enslavement of being. Freeing yourself means breaking the bonds of your spheres of life. Unifying the spheres beyond any border. Living in all spheres at once but inhabit none. Be free not bound to the restrictions of the spheres.


Our death is always with us. We feel that we are escaping him every day we live, but actually he just gives us some slack. The faster we are trying to escape the less we have time for the way itself. We are missing the landscape along the way.

Therefore we should trust our best friend, the one we know the longest: Death gives us advice for life. Death can either linger above us like the sword of Damocles or give us directions throughout our life.

Death is the best counsellor we have.
Death is our companion.
Death is not escapable.
Death can only be postponed.
Death reaches us finally in our final minute.
Death is unavoidable.
Death will release the final understanding.
Death is not to be feared.
Death tells us to live now and die later.


Walls are everywhere.

We face them in our daily life.

There are external walls, internal walls, firewalls, stony walls, soft walls. Walls are fencing in, fencing out. They stack the perimeter. They keep the monsters outside and the friends inside.

Physical borders are defining our horizon. There is no behind, only a within. Everything outside has a monstrous, exotic and dangerous character.

Our society and nation puts on us additional walls which we should not ignore. There are social boundaries as well as personal ones. They are not necessary the same. We learn from the earliest moment in life that we have to define our boundaries and thresholds. We experience with them and might expand them. Stack them new, define them differently. Already early in life we start building our own walls to secure our being in the world and in this society. We need the physical walls of our house as well as our mental walls for certain habits.The walls in our heads are creating ideologies. Walls are defining the physical, social, cultural and religious perimeter we life in. They are cutting out people, ideas, ways of living and more.

Only when we break down these walls we can experience the real freedom. They restrict the possibilities in our life’s.


We create spatiality through our words, laws, thoughts and borders. When we face a wall or a physical border we recognize the spatial limitation. By thinking freely we reach the borders of the social and cultural space. Our life starts in a cramped biological place and it finishes in a defined wooden box. We realize the physical space and the mental space. We even feel emotional space, but can there be a no-space?

No-space is a mental condition. We artificially create space around us.
No-space means no difference between inner and outer world. Just one world.
No-space declares no thoughts because thinking emerges space. No-thinking.
No-space includes no past and no future. Just now, just being.


We are confident that we are unique animals.
We think we are special.
We believe in our superiority.
We want to create meaning for our life.
We recreate daily the images of our selfs.
We live in opposition to other humans.
We want to outsmart, outbeat and overrule them.
We want the first seat in the society.

There is no such thing as individuality.
There is no me.
There is no superiority.
There is no hierarchy.

All there is, is the moment.
Each moment is unique.
For everyone.
Therefore everyone is at anytime unique.
This makes us all the same.
Humans, animals, rocks, water.