We are spherical animals.
We are multifaceted.
Our life happens in different spheres.
We start our life in the biological sphere of the womb.

Already before birth we receive impulses through our mother-child sphere.
After birth the outer world adds several spheres to our attention: the physical world, the world of sound and vision, the social world and others. We expand each of these spheres in our own way and fill them with our individual, personal knowledge.

The material sphere will become part of the natural sphere and the cultural sphere. So is the sphere of sound and vision.
The cultural sphere separates us from the natural sphere, though it is part of it.
The cultural sphere emerges a religious sphere and eventually a spiritual sphere.
The religious sphere can only be experienced not visualized, heard or tasted.
The experience of the spiritual sphere transforms us.
The spiritual sphere merges our other spheres.

We become one-being through the spiritual sphere.
We awake from our mosaic, heterogenic personality to become a homogenic, holistic picture of our-self.
Our spiritual sphere is our unifying sphere – the awakening sphere.
Our death brings us back to where it all started.


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