The world around us is organized in a centrical way.

Our star, the sun, centers our planetary system. The electrons rotate the atom core. The surface of the earth circles the earth’s core and the earth’s gravitational force applies similar to all things on the surface. Our cells are structured around a nucleus.

Our society centers around our leaders. Each group has a core which defines the community, this could be a religious believe, a god(dess), a leader, a dictator, a guru, a relict, a currency, a law, a computer program and many things more.

However unstructured it seems the distance to the core defines the position in the group. In egalitarian communities all members have the same distance to the center (like a communal central fire place). As soon as the society start to stratify the distances become uneven and some might lose their connection to the central relict. From that point onwards the circular construction is in danger to break down and the community falls apart.

We lose our balance when we are decentered. We focus on the right balance in life, which is not too far away from the core so that we do not cut the connection to our center, but also not too close to the center, because the one who gets too close to the sun or the fire burns; only the right distance flourishes life and supports stability. Therefore, find the center in your life, find the purposeful core in yourself.


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