Walls are everywhere.

We face them in our daily life.

There are external walls, internal walls, firewalls, stony walls, soft walls. Walls are fencing in, fencing out. They stack the perimeter. They keep the monsters outside and the friends inside.

Physical borders are defining our horizon. There is no behind, only a within. Everything outside has a monstrous, exotic and dangerous character.

Our society and nation puts on us additional walls which we should not ignore. There are social boundaries as well as personal ones. They are not necessary the same. We learn from the earliest moment in life that we have to define our boundaries and thresholds. We experience with them and might expand them. Stack them new, define them differently. Already early in life we start building our own walls to secure our being in the world and in this society. We need the physical walls of our house as well as our mental walls for certain habits.The walls in our heads are creating ideologies. Walls are defining the physical, social, cultural and religious perimeter we life in. They are cutting out people, ideas, ways of living and more.

Only when we break down these walls we can experience the real freedom. They restrict the possibilities in our life’s.


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