We are wandering along our way of life. It might be a decoured way or we might derail from it, but it is our own way.

Wherever we meet someone we reach a crossing in our life. We can choose between going with that person or stay on our tracks.

Life happens at these crossings most visible. Changing direction is a life’s decision and not per se good or bad.

Taking detours enhances the variability in life. Widens your range of choices is finding crossroads.

Heaven and hell

We all have our own little heavens and hells. We are anxious about certain scenarios.
We are afraid of being too rich or too poor. Too lonely or overcrowded. Too stressed or bored. Too unsuccessful or too efficient.
As long as we balance our fears we can accept the suffering, but if we pay too much attention to them, then we will lose control and get lost in our suffering and fears.

Don’t fear heaven or hell. We live best in between them.


Are we really free?

We do have to breathe. We do have to eat. We supply our nerves with stimulations.

We can range freely. We can think freely, though we might not be able to speak out our thoughts or walk across a border.

Where does the freedom begin and the dictatorship of life and society begin? Are we free to eat or do whatever we want?

Therefore think about what is freedom and what might restrict the freedom of others? Act that no-one gets restricted.

Live freely and let live freely.


Born out of curiosity; to understand nature. Earliest spiritual beliefs have created the race for more knowledge on life’s secrets. First, science was part of the religious world view later it did challenge it. Now it is producing its own world view; often it is separated from social, religious or people’s needs.

Science is self generating and produces more questions than answers.
Science has taught us many lessons good and bad ones.
Science is a never ending adventure and expands exponential.
Science is a financial, social, religious and cultural kraken which is central part of our society.
Science is everywhere and nowhere needed.
Science is a construct which we think is unavoidable.
Science is tradition and progress.
Science is a ritual and religion.
Science is science.


We construct our culture.
We construct our buildings.
We construct our laws.
We construct our food.
We construct our religion.

Architecture, or the construction of man made ideas are omni-present. Construction sites are everywhere in our life and we all participate. We are the architects of our society and we can create our space as we like it.

We are the architects of our life, our homes, our rules, our food and our religion.


Religion is not just a ritual. Religion is a mind set. Religion can be many things at once. Religion is actively living.

We trust in our religious beliefs, because we think they are right. We are building our religious thoughts throughout our life through the words of others and through our actions. We have constructed a view of the world which we think explains the world.
However, this is in our head. The constructed world view is the result of what we have incorporated throughout our life. We established a logic and a complex system of ideas which we implement as ideology.

When we cut out the ideology in our life and accept that our mind sets the horizon, then we are able to see the true face of the world. With a non-limiting mind we can reach every goal and fulfill all tasks.


We have a biological gender.
We have a social gender.
We live following our gender.

Gender is a biological, social, cultural and emotional value.
Gender is a social opinion.
Gender is a construct.

We gender our actions.
We gender our food.
We gender our lifes.

The more we manifest ideologies, the less freedom we have.
The more we imprint social ideas, the more suppressed we are.
The more we let go of categories, the more creative and natural we life.


Silence is the absence of noise.
Silence is the absence of thoughts.
Silence is the absence of movements.
Silence is the absence of emotions.
Silence is the absence of being.

Being silent is no-being, no-feeling, no-moving, no-thinking, no-talking. Just be.


Our heart beats throughout our life, but it is more than a muscle. It is a feeling. It is an emotion.
Our heart should be the center of our life. Unfortunately we often prefer to center our brain.
Our heart feels the right way. Follow your way, follow your heart. Live a heart’s life.