What if we are living in an organic cosmos, which includes everything, every being, every thing or construction?

We would face an all including organism. All life on earth would be part of its organic energy. All matter would be part of its anorganic energy. All stars and planet would be part of the cosmic organism. Such an organism does not need senses, no vision, no hearing, no feeling, because everything would be it. There would be no outside. Everything is inside of such an organism. It does not life, it merely exists. It is just be.

All flow of energy in such an organism would be transformation from one kind of appearance to another. We see a changeover from one aggregational state to another. The energy flows from pure energy to matter to biological mass and to societies and cultures and back to energy. This flow is constant and endless, so as the cosmic organism.

So how do we want to see our life? Being part of a slavery system or being part of a bigger cosmic organism? Do we want to embrace our selfs to less suffering and pain or do we want to keep fighting against everything? Can we be part of a larger system and play our part? Now and every moment which is coming up.


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