We hear in school that time and space are relative. We experience relativity through changes in our existence. We face new challenges every day, there is something new every day. Despite all that, we nail our opinions, we carve our beliefs in stones and manifest our laws. We establish a rock-solid society which is supposed to exist forever, or at least almost forever. We think we know what is right and what is wrong. We trust in our opinion.

We should consider more often that our believes, our society, our morals and ethics, our opinions and our life are born by the constellations of nature. And this very same nature is bound to the law of relativity. Let’s change our viewpoint and consider our society, our believes and ethical convictions as relative. We will experience that in such a world it does not matter what God we believe in or what color someones skin has or whom we love. All that matters is that we live at that very moment and undertake our task the best possible way we can.


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