Private property

What is a private property? Not legally spoken but from the human perspective. Is owning property something we can achieve? What can we own as humans? Nothing.
All we can own is experience and knowledge. There is nothing more to own, which makes our life worthy to live.
Not our possessions pass in our retrospective at the moment of death; our experiences are passing by. We feel, taste, see and revive our life adventures.
That opens the question: why do we possess anything? What is property good for? We only need tools for our social life, for our rejuvenation, for our challenges and adventures. We don’t need a real estate or jewels for living. We need a car to travel and not ten cars for showing off.

Owning things and possessing luxury goods are the roots for grudge and jealousy. Territorial, religious or power dominations are reasons for war and destructions throughout history. Why don’t we leave our possessions behind and start living a real life. A life full of adventures, challenges and experiences. Wisdom cannot be found in things or goods, but it can be experienced. Start experiencing now.


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