What is reality? Is the world we see outside our windows real? Is our society real? Are our cultural constructs truely constructed? Is our view of the world really what the world looks like or is the world only that way constructed because we learned to see it that way and assume it is the right and only way to see the world?

Why do we think that the reality is as we see it and can not accept that it is only a subjectively made world which does not necessarily agree with how others see the same world at the same time. The world is an individualistic construction which is created on the basis of our socialization, knowledge, experience and other factors.

Why shall we think that the world is a solid, unchangeable construct rather than a dynamic organism. Even the most solid rocks are changing over time. So why not our world view too? Why are we seeking the static version of a world in a dynamic setting? The world is changing permanently, therefore we need to adjust our worldview consequently.


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