Raindrops are falling with a splash on to the ground. Wettening the soil. Nourishing the plants. The rain is the media of life. The rain strengthen all organisms. The rain flows through the bodies. Rain is a life essence.

Too much rain makes that a puddle becomes a pond. A pond becomes a running river and this becomes a torrential stream and destroys the landscape. Animals are drowning in the deep waters. Plants are loosing their grip in the ground and flow away. The rain is life destroyer.

No rain makes a drought. The vegetation dries out and animals die on thirst. A drought landscape cannot hold any life. Life sustains if adapted during these dry periods.

Rain balances between holy and devil as many other aspects in life. Too much is deadly to little too. Only the right balance brings fruitful life. Rain is only a natural metaphor for balancing the essences of life.


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