To travel is to never staying long at one place.

To travel is to experience another world.

To travel is to leave friends behind.

To travel is to make new friends.

To travel is to keep in touch.

To travel is to change your world view.

To travel is to keep life flowing.

To travel is to live.

To travel is to feel the world.


The ocean

It is the end of the world. The waves are hitting the shoreline. Crashing on the rocks.The sun sets in the far west, merging the horizon. Golden surface. Light flooded. The day ends in an amber glow. The moon starts its day.


We are trying to free us from natural influences through culture. We attempt to outgrow natures law through technology. We are emancipating ourselves against extraneous causes through internal ideas. In order to do so we are going to enslave ourselves under the rules of the markets, of the nations, of religions, and/or of political beliefs.

To become truly emancipated from external sources, means becoming bound to internal forces. Spirituality moves the view into the right perspective and frees ourselves. We don’t need emancipation, we need honesty and open discussion, we need a social community with altruistic and kind people. We don’t need to be better than others, we are all the same. We are at eye height and equal.

Hen Kai Pan

All-in-one-being. The world is one. Humans are connected to the world. We are part of it, we are it, we live in it, we create it.

We are one with our natural environment.
We are one with our spiritual environment.
We are one with our cultural environment.
We are one with our social environment.

There is no duality, but there are matter and mind. There are day and night. Heaven and earth. These are perspectives onto the same thing. Don’t get scared when you face different sides of the same coin, be curious and find the truth behind the surface. Feel your body and mind working together, being-one.


It is not about romantic love, but about positive social love.

Love connects people. Love fills hearts. Love can overcome hate. Love does not choose between color, gender or money. Love nourishes lifes.

Love surrounds us and we decide to distribute and accept the love of others or neglect it and live in hatred.

Love is positivism and binds the society. Love fills families with a special bond. Love between parents and children is a biological instinct.

Love can start new connections and overcome mistrust and jealousy. Love delivers a message.

Love cannot be learned, described or prescribed, love has to be feeled, lived and acknowledged.

Live love, live long, live strong partnerships.


We think we own many possessions. We own clothes, shoes, jackets, hats, dishes, cutlery, tables, chairs, beds, wardrobes, and many things more. Our main wealth are estates we own or maybe the financial institutes. We think we need all these things. But they are luxury goods and we do not own them. Our properties are worth nothing when it comes to the spiritual wealth we can experience. And this type of richness enhances our personality and makes us really wealthy. It is a non-payable wealth, it is the wealth of experience and understanding.