Particle or wave?

Our life moves like a wave through time, but it is made from single moments. Single units which are moving on to the next continuously. Only the sum of all of the moments in life makes the curves and altitudes of our life’s way. Whatever your life’s frequency, altitude or speed is, it is your life and your wave.
You are the particle of your life which creates its own wave. Don’t press your wave into a specific pattern, let it flow as it is.


We see and mirror others’ behavior. At the same time we are watched and our undertakings are doubled.
Be a smart mirror. Reflect the behavior you would like to see from others by behaving yourself this way.
If your mind is clear like a mirror’s surface your behavior is too. Any greed, jealously, or demand disappears and you way of life becomes clear.

Clear like the sky in cloudless night.
Clear like the mountains reflected in the flat sea.
Clear like the blue waters.
Clear like the surface of a mirror.


Is life a game?
A deadly game in every way.
We cannot escape the life-game.
Lets play it, play it right.
Play it right with all your heart, soul and mind.
Be your game of life.

Body-Mind Duality

Is our body a simple shell for the mind?
Can there be a distinguishing border between these two?

No they are forming a unit. A sphere of the person’s identity. Both are the one construct which we know as human being. Act as unit, live a holistic life. Just be mind and body, be aware.


Human personalities are created and produced at different levels while being-in the world. We have many spheres of interaction with our surroundings and the environment.
There are basic inner spheres, like the mother-child-sphere, the god-sphere or the physical-body-sphere. But there are also outer spheres such as the social-sphere or the cultural-sphere, even the technical sphere nowadays influences our personality.
We are dependend on these spheric interactions and each is part of our mosaic personality. The individual parts create our conscious self and allows us to sustain daily tasks.


There is a math in every second of our life.
Math tells us how stable things are.
Math gives us the price to pay.
Math can calculate the answers of existence.
Math is able to even describe god.
But math is not life, not emotion, not feeling.
Therefore live your life and do the math later.

This is my way, isn’t it?

We are often asking ourselves: Where are we heading? Which way shall I take? Is this a detour on my way of life? Am I in the right place? Did my way lead me here? Am I lost in my life? Is that the right way?

These questions imply that we are on a way to fulfill somehow our life’s mission. Isn’t life rather singular and each moment stands on its own? Every second, every experience in our lifes is a unique singularity and we shall acknowledge this.

The way-of-life-metaphor mirrors a false image of our life, it is the whole movie we follow, but we are not accepting that each snapshot and scene has a purpose. If you ask yourself, if you are on the right track, you definitely are, but check what to make best out of this situation.

Do not to try to understand the picture, live the moment, enjoy the seconds and feel right about it.