This is my way, isn’t it?

We are often asking ourselves: Where are we heading? Which way shall I take? Is this a detour on my way of life? Am I in the right place? Did my way lead me here? Am I lost in my life? Is that the right way?

These questions imply that we are on a way to fulfill somehow our life’s mission. Isn’t life rather singular and each moment stands on its own? Every second, every experience in our lifes is a unique singularity and we shall acknowledge this.

The way-of-life-metaphor mirrors a false image of our life, it is the whole movie we follow, but we are not accepting that each snapshot and scene has a purpose. If you ask yourself, if you are on the right track, you definitely are, but check what to make best out of this situation.

Do not to try to understand the picture, live the moment, enjoy the seconds and feel right about it.


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