Time prevents to happen everything at the same time.
Time is ruthless moving forward regardless of your own opinion.
Time is universal but highly subjective.
Time feels to be flexible but is not. It is constantly running with the same speed.
Time is flowing and we can only brake it by sitting down. To sit and meditate stops our inner time, though the outer time never stops.
We can leave time aside and follow the rhythm of life and earn more time than we ever thought would exist.
Time is not against us, time is just naturally running.

Blue Sky

Clear like a crystal.
Soft clouds carefully floating away.
The sun is watching.
The mind strays away and floats with the clouds.
No thoughts, just blue sky.

Empty House

A house is a living object, its inhabitants fill it with love, stories, laughter, cries and tears. When a house grows older and gets abandoned by its residents it loses viability but keeps the history. The life vanishes from within and the only traces left are memories of the past. The small scratch marks on the doorposts and floor, the ripped wallpapers. The smell of the owners is long gone, but the house still tells stories and keeps the history alive.

Anything is something is everything 

Everything in the world is made out of something. This something seems to be all the same for everything and since it is that universal we have to think of it as something without any characteristics to be able to create anything. So set your imagination free to find that special something.


I have tears in my eyes when I see the destruction of nature and the ruthless exploitation of its resources. Tears crawl up when I recognize the wastes of humans and the chaos of man’s thoughts.
To dry my tears we shall start thinking naturalistic and stop being egoistic. We shall focus on our union with nature and our natural needs and not our cultural desires. There are no tears when being in harmony with Mother Earth.

The Matrix

It surrounds us.
It is everything.
It is the essence.
The world is the matrix.
The existence is it.
We are the matrix.
We construct the matrix.
We all search for it and find our own.
It is believed that it should be a final truth, but it is not, it can only be the individual wisdom.
You cannot sell it, you cannot smell it.
You cannot touch it, nor you can see it.
But you can live it and be it.
Your matrix is unique and you decide how it should like.
Go and create it.

Moon Light

The moon shines bright and clear at night, reflects the sun’s rays of light. The moon has no light. The moon is just a reflector.
Let your mind be like the moon and reflect the thoughts like a flat surface of a lake. Nothing disturbs your being, just be.