Winter’s fog

Every night the fog sinks down like a feather filled duvet.
Every morning the sun lifts the cover and releases its power from a blue sky.

Water and ice

The ice closes the surface. Plain, flat, slippery and clean. The water beneath flows as always.
They are both the same and still being different.

Being of nature

Our understanding of the forces of nature and the world has not improved but changed. The prehistoric people could read the stars and forces of nature by looking at them. The Christian world view knew that there is a unifying force behind nature. We know about the physical laws, quantum physics, relativity, genetics and other natural conditions, but we still do not know what is life good for.

Do we exist to learn about the forces in nature?
Do we live this life to learn about quantum physics?
Do we breath to talk about genetic conditions?
Do we understand life’s purpose by studying nature’s functions?