We sense the outer world with our skin. It is the barrier between us and the others.

Inside – outside.

We feel, taste, see, hear and smell with our skin in multiple ways. Our senses are basically one. We feel and experience everything via our skin, our emotional organ.

The cornea in the eye is a membrane.

The ear’s drumhead another membrane.

The tongue is an expansion of the outer skin into ourselves.

The nose’s inner surface, an extension of our skin, is our olfactoric membrane.

The skin’s surface has various functions. The heat sensory happens here, as well as the pressure sensations.

This means our skin is not just our shield but also our connection to the outer world. Having a healthy, breathing and energetic skin ensures the best connectivity to and reception of the outside. Our skin is our connector.

Our Food is Our Energy

We consume our food and drinks to satisfy our hunger and thirst. We eat what tastes good. Often we do not like to spend much time thinking about our food. We only think of our food as of its nutritional value, its calories, sugar content and other artificial substances. But we do not think of it as part of the union between Mother Earth and us.

Our food was born out of the earth’s lap, grown by the sun’s energy and it converts both sources into a nutritional value. The energy of an apple, a nut or a lettuce leaf comes directly from the earth’s and sun’s energy. Our food is connected to these roots.

When we eat we transform this original energy into our body’s energy; into tissues, muscle movements and thoughts. The chemical structure can be generated artificially, but none of the industrial produced food ingredients are comparable to the natural originals and its energy.

We lose our bond to our natural roots by living on artificial food products. We cut the connection to Mother Earth. We can strengthen the tie and live close to the energy supplier when we stay on the original. Live healthy, eat fresh.


A long journey starts at birth and might end with the death. It is individually decided what is reached or if one moves on.
A journey in mind, in fantasy, digital, physical, spiritual, religious and emotional. Motion in all directions without a goal. No aim, the way is the aim.
Becoming sedentary does not end the pilgrimage, this is just a break. Maybe even death is just a hiatus and change in scenery. Take the life’s journey serious and go on.
Walk, run, bike, hike, climb, meditate, pray, stay, dance, sit, fly, jump or do whatever you need to do, just do it and live further, live beyond the horizon. On and on and on.


To be honest is part of it.
To be direct another.

Working with a clear language in an open space allows to develop candor in life. Candor can bear truth and surfaces deeper insight. It is one of the basic laws of social interactions, the more practiced the more trust.

Living in the shade of candor helps to life upright and secures the society. Candor has the power of strengthen the bonds within the society. Practice candor and grow the spirit of brotherhood.


Every living being and existence in the universe is bound by servitude to this existence. In order to be, one has to serve its needs and the laws of existence.

Servitude is the frame in which we live, grow and survive. No-one can escape the slavery of being, so just be. Live with the servitude in gratitude.


A continuous flow of segmented units or the sand in the hourglass. Unswayable, constant and continuously moves it on, never backwards.

Time is uniform, but perceived differently. It limits and brings renewal and change for everything. Only a matter of time.

Life depends on the walk of time. Time is being, being is time. These are two side of the same coin.


Information to be recalled. Encoded and stored, possible to retrieve it again. We build up memory by living our life and the memory of our  doing, being and living defines who we are in the face of others.

Memory as collective information defines the culture we live in. With lost memories of the past, the history is gone. Memories are living evidences and admonish the tragedies of the past.

Knowledge as part of memories is the fundament for creativity, improvisation and understanding. Memories are the protector against failure and astray. They promote and increase improvement and innovation.


Being curious about the world means looking forward. Thriving serendipity and creativity by being nosy and sneaky into different areas. Combining unattached ideas and knowledge bears something unknown and new.

Exploring possibilities and adventuring through new terrain are basic features of curiosity. Following interests and own ideas, being interested in something beside the road of life. Discovering new styles and live on the move.


The spontaneous actions are grounded in deep knowledge. Only when our actions and reactions are well founded by the basic wisdom of existence it is possible to create an alternative interpretation.

Unscripted answers and raw movements are the essence of improvising. Deviating from known rituals and testing new roads. Improvisation makes the invention of novelties possible.