Fortunate happenstance. Life constellations which are coincidently fit together like zig saw pieces in a puzzle. The serependity can be forced to live by cross thinking, combining disciplines, merging knowledge and consolidate tasks.

The pleasant surprise of inventing something novel and creative, something of purely new and futuristic, something not from this world, yet. The pleasant surprise could also be something randomly put together by the luck of the circumstances of life and the curiousity of mankind.

Serendipity is part of the transformation of the world. Changing culture, society and technology towards an improved world. Innovation by accidental combination of known facts leads to a widening of choices. It thrives the evolution of culture and technology.

Serendipity encourages creativity and creativity promotes serendipity. It forces commitment and  focus on existence to question it and improvise from a new viewpoint. Serendipity is part of the imagination sphere. It is the evolutionary essence of Dasein.


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