Our Food is Our Energy

We consume our food and drinks to satisfy our hunger and thirst. We eat what tastes good. Often we do not like to spend much time thinking about our food. We only think of our food as of its nutritional value, its calories, sugar content and other artificial substances. But we do not think of it as part of the union between Mother Earth and us.

Our food was born out of the earth’s lap, grown by the sun’s energy and it converts both sources into a nutritional value. The energy of an apple, a nut or a lettuce leaf comes directly from the earth’s and sun’s energy. Our food is connected to these roots.

When we eat we transform this original energy into our body’s energy; into tissues, muscle movements and thoughts. The chemical structure can be generated artificially, but none of the industrial produced food ingredients are comparable to the natural originals and its energy.

We lose our bond to our natural roots by living on artificial food products. We cut the connection to Mother Earth. We can strengthen the tie and live close to the energy supplier when we stay on the original. Live healthy, eat fresh.


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