Winter’s night

Bright night
The full moon shines
On the ice

Tea Cup

Still like a lake lays the surface. Mirroring the light in the room. Threads of steam are released from the surface. They build a delicate tree of steam which floats above this mirror. The liquid is clear, crystal clear. A soft tone of green in the fluid lets the white porcelain shimmer.

The tea cup is fragile but strong to retain the hot fluid. Thin walled made of breakable material. One crack and the strength flies away. But as long as it can hold the liquid it may keep its function in a perfect form. Bulgy with a straight top, perfect round, perfect uniform white.

The empty cup asks for filling. The space of emptiness is defined by the cup. Filling it with the hot golden fluid finds the purpose. The smooth walls are wettened by the liquid. Peacefully waits the cup until it is empty again. The circle of being has been closed.


We have multiple senses. We feel, taste, see and smell. Our senses are sharpen by its use. Train your senses for higher sensitivity.

Sensing opposes reasoning.

Strengthening our sensational organs connects us with the body. Unifying the body’s feelings with the brain’s rationality.

Ocean of Time

Drifting through the ocean of time.
No island visible.
Uniformity. Waves on the surface of time.
Tidal movements fasten or slowing down pace of time.
Time is plenty, but thirst cannot be satisfied.
Never running out of time.
Always moving forward.
Drifting through the ocean of time.
No goal, no aim, no haven, no port.
There is no end just being in time.
Flow with the time.
Go by the wave.
Move up and down.
Feel the time and the ocean’s water.
Time fills every pore like water.
Time is here and there and everywhere.
Use it, feel it, live it, be it.


The community surrounds us and makes us feel needed and part of it. The tribe contains more than pedigree relationships. Tribes are the immediate contacts either physical, emotional, religious or digital.

The tribe defines the society and culture. The tribe is ancestry, present and future generations. The tribe is the social connection to the world. It fills our inter-personal needs and supplies us with social energy.

The tribe delivers safety and security against the forces of nature and culture. A tribe helps to identify bonds in the world. The tribe consists of family, relatives, friends, strangers, coworkers and many more.

The tribe helps to identify oneself and is anchor for life and survival. The tribe might change its connections through time, but the core stays through time. Life in a community brings tradition and rituals. The tribe brings safety and stability. 


Be an upright person with a right heart.

Restrict your living space.

Limit your possessions.

Live meaningful and aware of your surroundings.

Sustain a simple life.

Open your heart to your basic nature.

Stay in harmony with the Tao.

Let the Chi flow.

Be yourself.