Ocean of Time

Drifting through the ocean of time.
No island visible.
Uniformity. Waves on the surface of time.
Tidal movements fasten or slowing down pace of time.
Time is plenty, but thirst cannot be satisfied.
Never running out of time.
Always moving forward.
Drifting through the ocean of time.
No goal, no aim, no haven, no port.
There is no end just being in time.
Flow with the time.
Go by the wave.
Move up and down.
Feel the time and the ocean’s water.
Time fills every pore like water.
Time is here and there and everywhere.
Use it, feel it, live it, be it.

4 thoughts on “Ocean of Time

  1. Thank you for liking my post which quoted Kakuzo Okikura. Although described as ‘garrulous’ by one Japanese contemporary, a close reading of his book will reveal that he was likely to have had quite a few experiences of ‘kensho.’ – that bliss which beckons for a fleeting second towards those times when the teacup,as you so aptly out it, “waits to be empty.”
    I have followed you; while I think it important that we know of each other’s existence and evolution, at this time my intuition is that we share this road a bit – but not stop here, not stop there – yes, ‘neti neti’ – to build a house or a temple. I am pleased to meet you!

      • Thabk you – and I look forward to reading yours! I won’t be jumping on things immediately, nor posting 24/7; but I look forward to our next meeting.

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