Tea Cup

Still like a lake lays the surface. Mirroring the light in the room. Threads of steam are released from the surface. They build a delicate tree of steam which floats above this mirror. The liquid is clear, crystal clear. A soft tone of green in the fluid lets the white porcelain shimmer.

The tea cup is fragile but strong to retain the hot fluid. Thin walled made of breakable material. One crack and the strength flies away. But as long as it can hold the liquid it may keep its function in a perfect form. Bulgy with a straight top, perfect round, perfect uniform white.

The empty cup asks for filling. The space of emptiness is defined by the cup. Filling it with the hot golden fluid finds the purpose. The smooth walls are wettened by the liquid. Peacefully waits the cup until it is empty again. The circle of being has been closed.


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