A process of refinement. It is not about age or infinite youth. Rejuvenation is about curiosity, creativity and exploration. Characteristics which keep us young in our mind, heart and soul.

To rejuvenate ourselves we need to let lose the things we hang on from the past. Get rid of possessions, thought patterns, procedures. Stick to knowledge, basics for survival. Become interested in things around you.

Notice the landscape, read unknown authors, feel new emotions, follow obscure thoughts. Welcome creativity and stay curious on this new way and you will be rejuvenated and gain a new horizon.


Are you resilient?
Do you have the breath?
Can you hold it?
Many things in life need just time and consistent training. A routine to live by.
Every morning a meditation.
All day living aware of ones doings.
Every night recapitulate the day and the tasks.
Live free. Life meaningful. Every day. Day by day. The whole life throughout.


All is one. Nothing and everything are defining the same. Only our mind divides them up into existing and non-existing. We define matter and non-matter. Your organic self distinguishes between life and inorganic. The logic defines mankind and animals. The society creates good and bad.


Something appears out of nothing, there are loose ends hanging seemingly unconnected. Elements connected together creating something new. A new version of being.

We can observe ‘Emergence’ from the smallest to the largest: Electrons, protons and neutrons are coming together to produce an atom. Atoms have novel and unique characters, no resemblance with the electrons or protons.

Another case of emergence is the interaction of living organism to create a social network, culture or religion. The appearance of something new bears unique possibilities.

Emergences appear by accident, by stategic development or through serendipity. No matter how, the important part is the process itself and the novel characteristics.


Our attempts are to level or balance everything.Compare ourselves with others, match one product with another.

Equivalence is an artificial concept and fails the truth. There is nothing else than uniformity and egalitarianism.

Everything represents the complex play of nature’s forces within everything with varying results.

Time and Space

We live through our time and our space. We create our own, personal reality. Nothing can be identical.
We collect uniquely information and store them, this emerges our personality.
There can be no back in time or being at two places at once. All there is, is now and here.
Accept nature’s way and live now, live here and wherever you are.