Our attempts are to level or balance everything.Compare ourselves with others, match one product with another.

Equivalence is an artificial concept and fails the truth. There is nothing else than uniformity and egalitarianism.

Everything represents the complex play of nature’s forces within everything with varying results.


4 thoughts on “Equivilance

  1. I really like your writing and enjoy reading your lines. First I want to say that I’m happy I found your page (well, you found me to be more accurate). Anyway, I have a difficulty understanding the above, especially the meaning of the word equivalence’, which is to say that one equals another which in a way I believe is true. If you used the word ‘adequacy’, that in my understanding would be more meaningful. What do you think? Is it just my wrong understand of your verses? šŸ™‚

    • Thank you for your kind words and I am happy that you like my posts.

      To your question: I see equivilance as something which means oneness. We try to make things look like the same, but the truth is that we only culturally divide things up and the underlying nature seem to be equal/same/one for everything no matter how it’s appearance. Does that make sense to you? Please feel free if my concept is confusing or not very clear. Thanks for asking.

      • Thanks, now it makes better sense for me, but still I have to think further about this statement ‘we try to make things look like the same’. Everything else is cristal clear šŸ™‚ Best regards

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