A process of refinement. It is not about age or infinite youth. Rejuvenation is about curiosity, creativity and exploration. Characteristics which keep us young in our mind, heart and soul.

To rejuvenate ourselves we need to let lose the things we hang on from the past. Get rid of possessions, thought patterns, procedures. Stick to knowledge, basics for survival. Become interested in things around you.

Notice the landscape, read unknown authors, feel new emotions, follow obscure thoughts. Welcome creativity and stay curious on this new way and you will be rejuvenated and gain a new horizon.


3 thoughts on “Rejuvenation

    • Thank you for the comment. Yes I believe that being young in mind means being curious about the unknown, because too often people with old minds think they have figured it out and they get stuck in their routines, pre-defined opinions and they have a catalogue of how to live. Sadly nothing new happen to them. A fresh mind finds always something to be curious about, connect known things to creatively emerge interesting things. Stay curious and fresh. Thanks again.

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