We are energy!
The world around us is energy.
The plants, rocks and animals are energy.
Energy is everything and nothing is energy.

We are aware!
We can focus our awareness,
Therefore we are self conscious.
This is our damnation.

We are not aware that we are energy!
We are so self focused that we forget:
We are energy! Just energy.

Nothing else. What else?


The Life’s Building 

Our life’s can be seen as a building:

If we build it functional and practical, we will be efficient and all will work, but there is no cosy feeling and it feels disconnected from our nature.

If we build it all emotional and soft, many things might not function well, but we will feel home and connected to it.

If we ask someone else to build it, we might experience the functionality in it and some warmth, but it feels like someone else’s.

We only can build our life’s building if we combine the right portions of each part of our personality and erect our own kingdom expanding from our heart.

How Do You Want to Live?

Is your life a repetition of the same sequence?

Waking up, breakfast, work, dinner, bedtime. Again and again. 

Or do you see every day something new?

The spring flowers in the street gardens, the fall leaves falling, the first snowflake of the year.

Are you going stressed through your life?

From appointment to appointment, always running behind the deadline, constantly losing time.

Are you feeling poor in your life?

Never enough money, another new tech you want, not the right friends or partners. Never right. 

Do you feel centered in your life?

True friends giving to you, there is not much needed to survive, the sun smiles every day even when it rains.

We are the creators of our lifes. We decide which way and how to go. We decide if we feel stressed or if we take the time to relax and enjoy, we are the ones who buy the latest gimmick or are just satisfied by a single ray of light on a rainy day. Your mindset is the ruler. You define your world. 

The Path

You walk your path of life,
In front you think you see your future,
in the back is your past,
Every now and then your realize you hit a crossing to another path.
You might take it or not.
But once you realize that there are choices everywhere,
You find yourself crossroads anytime,
The way ahead disappears,
The past becomes bland.
Your way is now and here, no matter where you go. It your descition. Over and over again.


One cannot see it, but it is there.
One cannot smell it, but it is there.
One cannot hear it, but it is there.

One can see the results of it in the movements of the leaves on the tree.
One can smell the odors brought by it from far away.
One can hear the cracking in the house’s roof when it rocks.

There comes wind from the movement of our lungs. Breathing.
The fragile butterfly starts storms through a flapping of his wings. Fluttering.
The strong eagle pushes down its wings and moves the air. Flying.

The leaves in the tree rustle gentle in the light breeze.
The sea gull glides majestically on the thermal currents along the cliffs.
The flying fish attempts fin flapping to find a wind which carries it as far as possible.

Let the wind catch you and take you away, fly, be free, fly away. Feel the power of nature.