Dimensions in life

Humans have demolished with their culture the spherical dimensions in life. Culture has emerged several tools for humans to interact in different dimensions and to make them easier accessible.

The first cultural invention were the religious constructs. Through the definition of a God as creator of certain natural aspects and forces, the distances to mysterious and unknown appearances and natural occurrences were shortened. Through the believe in a god or godlike creator these natural forces could be explained and fears deminished. They lost their frightening potential and became God-given mechanisms to move the world and balance the appearances.

The second cultural innovation was the domestication of plants and animals. This novel technique and life style created sedentariness. Mankind started to live throughout the year at one place. No more nomadism. Humans lost their distance to their nutritional sources. Food got much easier available and famines were less often.

The third cultural innovation occurred through the invention of vehicles for traveling. First there were carriages, then ships, trains and cars. Now planes and rockets. Each invention made physical distances shorter and white spots on earth less. Therefore there are hardly any unknown territories left on Earth’s map. This cultural novelty cut the physical dimension short and left us with an fully explored globe.

The fourth cultural innovation was about the availability of information. It started with the invention of printing. The possibility to write everything down and to make it available for a larger audience shortened the dimension of the information and signaling of people. Lately the Information Age demonstrates that the total world knowledge is accessible, there is almost no information only offline available. The dimension for accessing the information has been shrunken to your fingertips on your phone or tablet.

The fifth cultural change has yet to come, but is approaching slowly through the development of the Internet of Things (IoT) and the Artificial Intelligence (AI). These two integrate our last standing natural trait the human mind into the game of efficiency. After optimizing this we will have powers far beyond anything anyone could ever have dreamt of. Similar to the idea that no-one in the Middle Ages could think of crossing to India from Europe would be possible within hours. We have not yet seen the full capacity of these new technologies.

These cultural revolutions and transitions are deminishing the personal character of every human and unify our possibilities. We can reach everywhere from our homes immediately, we can know everything after a simple search and we can eat everything whenever we want. The distances in our life’s have been shortened and almost everything is available at our fingertip. We have lost the quietness of our hearts and minds and it is our quest to find back to our true nature and ask ourselves: What do we really want?


14 thoughts on “Dimensions in life

  1. [quote]Humans have demolished with their culture the spherical dimensions in life.[unquote]
    That’s an excellent opening statement. Your chosen steps for cultural “destabilization” of humanity are, 1-religion, 2-domestication, 3-travel, 4-information, 5-(to come) global internet consciousness and artificial intelligence. Interesting you left out the developments of government and money. When I did a similar personal study, I narrowed my field to only three aspects, one basically following the other. 1st, religion, then government (politics), then money: finance, business, capitalism. Culture, or civilization, would not be possible without these controlling forces which humans have imposed upon themselves and enslaved themselves to; centralization of power in the hands of elites. I call it the evil trinity of powers. If people (by some miracle(!) became self-empowered and removed those shackles, the “civilization of slavery” we are so used to would collapse. Those lesser aspects you mention, like domestication of animals, ease of travel, information and scientific “achievements” such as development of AI would lose their appeal. Animals would no longer be needed – no one would kill to eat meat as compassioned replaced greed; travel would be more of a mind aspect; information would be sought through philosophy; and science would gradually dwindle down to irrelevance because “knowledge” would be discovered universally and medical science would disappear as people re-learned how to interact healthily, naturally with their environment.
    Not a likely scenario considering the growing imbalance of population and the black cloud of prostituted science that fills the minds of its practitioners, most eager for more profits. Thanks for the challenge!

    • Interesting point. I agree that our society is corrupted and the power is not equally distributed, though all people are the same. And I believe that we might be able to overcome the momentary state of the society when the majority of people find their compassion and let the greed go. However, I see the dimensions of life rather as an interaction between us humans and nature than the society. This is what disconnects us from our natural selves. Thank you for your wise and well thought comment. I would love to read more about it.

      • I approach societal problems from the point of view of INDIVIDUAL self-empowerment. This is the key to understanding the source of our problems as a species. Society, or call it civilization, is the problem – all other problems stem from that starting point. There is a real history on how Earthian society developed – not as concocted mainstream history taught in academia, but a history of “intervention” that explains how “man” lost touch with the earth and became an artificial being who increasingly chose city living over free hunter-gatherer lifestyle; who increasingly thought of the natural environment as an enemy to be conquered through force of exploitation; feeding his growing greed and lust of conquest. This led to war. We are now able to see how that went, and how it goes today. Man is at a crisis point; on the cusp of self-destruction; perhaps even destruction of the only world he has to survive on. Madness, but modern homo sapiens always was a mad creature because it isn’t a naturally “evolved” being but a genetically modified entity.
        Once that fact is accepted; once the realization is made “we” cannot go back to living as free individuals off the land, we come to the dilemma of choice: continue to add to civilizations problems by “building a bigger city” which translates as inventing a better mouse trap, or slowly seek an alternative way of life.
        Since it should be obvious to any thinking individual today that earth’s environment does not support the kind of life man has forced upon it; that more of what man has already done is only going to make things worse – as we can see on a daily basis – and since we also can see that piece-meal solutions to ever-expanding problems (population, food, pollution, climate change, dwindling space, desertification of arable lands, water loss, chemical dependency and weakening of the immune system) then any new solution must of necessity ignore all the media circus hype; the agenda-laden environmentalist cries about this or that, and plunge back to a time before civilization came about.
        Man as a society, as a “culture” or as a civilization cannot solve his mounting problems, only a self empowered individual (SEI) can. Why? Because an SEI is free from belief and propaganda, i.e., free from the control of sociopathic rulers, from “God” all the way down to the local street bully.
        I left the best for last: while the key to problem solving lies in self-empowerment, self-empowerment can only work properly through compassionate living in detachment and selflessness, constituting the highest form of all interaction possible. That kind of life is immune to any inducement from Matrix-driven propaganda.

      • Thank you Sha’Tara for sharing your thoughts. This is very precisely the point of our societal problems, but as good as it sounds I believe that there are many obstacles and narrow minded people on the way to such a living. I really appreciate your time and effort to sum up these issues and to bring it forward here.

      • You’re welcome. I’ll add one thing: it’s not about “those who do not, or won’t” – it’s not about numbers, it’s always about one individual. Once that individual has made her or his choice to become compassionate in lifestyle, nothing else matters any longer.

  2. OlafN, it was not out of disregard for you or your followers that I come to this post four days later. I am new here and am still learning the peculiarities of WordPress.

    For today, I merely wish to let you know that I shall be catching up on your ideas as I’m able. What I have seen here at WordPress generally is a healthy respect given to the thoughts of others. I’ll do my best to reciprocate! This is like Plato’s idea of a ‘Symposium’ (without the slaves and the wine), where everyone gets to say what they believe to be true……without good Socrates interrupting!

    Having read this post, I admire your accurate condensation of human history. It is as important to know whence we come (without holding on to it) IMHO as it is to see where we are going; although our past technically does not exist, its record allows our visions to create a trajectory toward where we might go.

    thanks again


    • Thank you Roy for taking your time to read my contribution. Time does not matter, what matters is reading and discussing it. I like your thought of ‘Plato’s Symposium’. Thank you and please stay in contact. I will visit your site these days too, please keep it up.

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