He is always part of us, he never leaves, we cannot ignore him, though we do, with every moment of our life we look in the other direction, trying to stay busy, not coming too close to him. We are circling around him without realizing him, he hides in the shadows of life and is invisible until we force our gaze onto him, until the he stays hidden and avoids any attention. Shyly he moves on soft feet and steps into our foot steps without leaving an own trail, he participates in our life and there is no second he was not with us not watched our movements. Always ready and steady for action, but silently he is the real hero in our life and brings us forward, even unnoticed. He tries to avoid contact before the time has come and he rather steps aside than being in the show light, the darkest hours are his playground and he is silently to avoid waking the ones who should stay unaffected. He doesn’t want to teach us the value of life, but this is what he is here for, he reminds us of his coming, just through being there, he doesn’t show off but the feeling of his presence makes us love our beloved ones even more intense, he says nothing but his whispers are the words we need to start living our life’s. We cannot exist without him because he is the thread we need to rethink our doings, some think more others less about him and his consequences, but at certain stations in life we are confronted with him, even if it is the last thing we might realize: That he is real. He is the real counterpart of life, he is the one who makes life a life, he is the other side of the coin of life. We cannot determine where death begin and life fades away, but we know certainly when death has arrived and life was taken, though the crossing is not given, we cannot draw a line to separate both, they exist simultaneously and if there would be no death there would be no life. An infinite life is not a life worth living since the life is driven by death and he is the one who defines the life, marks the beginning, because birth is the escape from not living into life, and death is the occurrence of the not-living in life. Therefore, a life without a death would be boring and not challenging, because our closest partner in life would be missing. Death is the counterpart, ingredient and thread to life and we need to accept, respect and acknowledge him, his works and duties are similar important than the lifes’ ones. Calm your mind, thoughts are the enemy of death and let him come close, let him be your counsel, he is the one who knows you best, your fears, your joys, your tears, your heart-breaks, your loves, he has seen them all and you don’t need to tell him a single event, he has seen them with you, sometimes even before you realized them. He is as strong as you let him be, he can be part of your life or surprise you finally, it is your choice of the way of living and dying. Don’t fear him, be with him, invite him in your heart. Live your life every moment. It is worth it!


One thought on “Death

  1. We enter Life from Death, and we enter Death from Life, and the true balance is to love them both. How can we know Life without knowing Death? This is the lesson which Krishna taught the frightened Arjuna. In a much more modern context, Agent Anderson (in ‘The Matrix’) tells a police officer, “I assure you, Sergeant, your men are already dead.” Living with spirits as I do, I know what comes. I am neither eager nor afraid.

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