I meditate and my self dissolves. Nothing there, but everything exists. Nothing changed but myself.

8 thoughts on “Nothing

  1. Just some remarks. Meditation and accompanying claim to entering “nothingness” is an interesting concept that I contemplated for a long time to arrive at the following: I’ve always felt that the claimed “nothingness” in meditation is an illusion. The words used to explain “nothingness” betray the concept by turning it into a contradiction: nothing there but everything exists. Nothing changed but myself. That puts “myself” in another category than “everything” – which can only mean that the self is nothing to begin with – never did exist, or it isn’t changed at all since it’s part of everything that exists and nothing was changed. Since the self cannot be nothing or it could not be labelled a “self” then “nothingness” is a mental trap. My Teacher used to say, “Nothing is impossible.” She did not mean it in the usual sense, but meant that it is impossible for there to be nothing. There cannot be nothing; there is no such thing as no thing – it’s a contradiction. If in fact the power of meditation could take anyone, any ‘self’ into nothingness that would be annihilation from which there can be no coming back. The claimed nothingness of meditation is another illusion. It does not lead to discovering truth, or the meaning of life. That’s what would matter to me if I did meditation: it would have to show me how I can give interactive purpose to my life.

    • Thank you Sha’Tara for you thoughts on my post. I appreciate your remarks very much and like the discussions with you.

      However, there seem to be a different understanding of ‘nothingness’ between us. I don’t see meditation as a tool for dissolving ones self but rather as a tool to dissolve the distractions and suffering. To dissolve ones self does not mean annihilation, but finding back to ones own rhythm and nature. To find the inner peace and to stay in harmony with the world. I believe the ‘nothingness’ you talking about is the total dissolution of existence, which, indeed, means no return. Nothing in my concept of thinking is rather the absence of thought distraction, suffering of daily demons, and other personal habits. I fully agree on ‘nothing is impossible’.

      Thank you for your thoughts and I am so glad to have you met here and being able to exchange my thoughts with you. Thanks a lot.

  2. Dissolving self as in dissolving ego or illusion of separate self. To me, thoughts are thoughts. They come, they go, some are intense emotionally and some are light. Watch them with detached interest. Anyway..we could chat about this for a lifetime. The article about Jhana’s is pretty good. I think either the first or second Jhana includes a state of no-thought.

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