It appeals to the solidarity of people. One should not ask much from others and others should not be forced to share. They should give open hearted as much as they feel they can afford.

Begging is a tradition and stands for the true nature of human beings. We are not born with possessions or property, we are naked and we ask for support by our mother. We ask throughout our life’s for the help of others. Everything which we are not carrying we have to ask others for their donation.

A society is only as good as its people in giving and supporting others. The process of medicity is a way of the heart at both sides. No greed, no avidity, no mammonism. Be open, give more often if you can. Live with less.


5 thoughts on “Mendicancy

  1. I’m having some philosophical problems with your view here. Quote: “We ask throughout our life’s for the help of others.” A man works, gets paid, then goes to a baker for bread and pays for it is not “asking the baker to help him.” He’s not begging, he’s exchanging energy using money. If everybody stood at a street corner begging, who would have anything to give?

    • Interesting point. What I thought about is not the general exchange of energy against money, this is the day to day situation. I talk about the situations people need help and are to shy to ask, or the society sees this as a weakness. One would think that the daily tasks are important but there is more than just work for money. Society needs the giving away of labor for no money and this is what I meant. Giving as a social task, rather than paying for your goods. Humbly asking for help and unprejudiced giving. Does that clear things up? Thank you for your comment, it was good to think and talk about it.

      • Clear things up? Yes it does! It makes me want to replace the “negative” word “mendicancy” with the word which has become my own life’s se: “compassion.” If we, as individuals, chose to become compassionate people, wouldn’t all the things you mention then come about on their own? A compassionate person becomes empathetic and empathy “forces” one to give; to share; to even the slate which then leads to a state of mutual joy? Thanks for the discussion, Olaf.

    • I see, yes I wanted to use the word mendicancy because I think negativity is put socially on words and too often for no reason. Thank you for your thoughts. I love compassion.

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