Life and Death

Why are we living as if death does not exist?

We believe that we are immortal, but we are not. Might it because we cannot realize logically what happens after death?

Are we able to imagine our own death?


21 thoughts on “Life and Death

  1. Assuming these aren’t rhetorical questions, perhaps there are some answers.

    To the first, it’s called denial. For most people, even including religious people, death is something dark; something not talked about, as if talking about it would bring it on sooner than hoped for. There is much superstition surrounding the topic even for those who put on a a stiff upper lip or Devil-may-care attitude about it.

    To the second, if anyone believes they are immortal, they are not being very observant. The statistics are in: one out of one dies. Logic doesn’t explain everything, especially on this topic. What we cannot realize logically, we can know. We are intelligent, sentient, self-aware beings. As such, death as utter termination would be a complete contradiction, an oxymoron. So we may know that death is not an end, but a passage, however frightening, however difficult and confusing, and however unavoidable. You can’t be a child, then an adult without passing through puberty. Death is man’s ritual passage through the necessary changes to achieve full humanity.

    To the third, well, once the second is answered, that becomes redundant. I certainly can imagine my own death, what it will mean to me, not where/when/how it will happen: those physical circumstances are only meaningful to those left behind, and to the statisticians. I would prefer if it was quick and relatively pain-free, of course, I’m no masochist!

  2. Sha’Tara thank you for your response with some thoughtful ideas.
    Yes I agree the first one is denial, however, why are we denying? Why are we not accepting the truth?
    To the second I see your point, but this is a feeling and mindset you use to accept the unavoidable. People who are not accepting death, in my experience, often tend to become paralyzed when confronted with their ends. I am afraid not everyone has such a soothing idea of the end of life.
    And this brings the third one. When you do not have such an idea of what sustains from you after life, you cannot imagine what happens at the moment of death. That is what I was trying to express here. What do you think is that plausible?
    Thank you for your thoughts and input.

    • [[why are we denying? Why are we not accepting the truth?]] I think for most people there’s no sensed “upside” to contemplation of death. They’ve been taught to conceive of death as darkness, termination; that which cannot be known, something nothing can be done about yet is inevitable. Some still think of death as a divine punishment and their only chance at “parole” from an eternity in hell fire is to suck up to a deity’s promises of “salvation” which helps a bit, but still does not make “death” a pleasant subject. I think that man, as a sentient being, hates the feeling of impotence that death makes him face, so better not to think about it. It’s like a life sentence on death row. To think about life outside prison just makes you insane with desire when there’s nothing you can do to change your fate. Fate, hopelessness, helplessness or annihilation: these are the issues for most. It is a very unhealthy way to live a life, but without self-empowerment, and awareness that from a certain level one gains the power of spiritual and mental self-determination no way out.

      [[this is a feeling and mindset you use to accept the unavoidable]] In this comment, I beg to differ. I actually know, for myself, what happens after the death of the body. I’ve not only experienced it, but I have traced passages back into past lives, and forward into a future spanning a thousand years of earth history. Perhaps that makes me unusual but long ago what I “am” or know, was the norm. Organized religion, then modern evolutionary theory were developed to wipe man’s awareness of life beyond the pale of one single incarnation on earth beyond which one falls in the hands of a totalitarian “god” or becomes extinct. I’ve also interacted with entities (beings) who live outside our restricted and constricted view of life. By and large the people of earth have but an insignificant knowledge of what life is; what it constitutes; how it functions; what its purpose is. That is why of course they destroy rather than contribute to the great cosmic flow.

      [[I am afraid not everyone has such a soothing idea of the end of life.]] To know about one’s continuity isn’t a “soothing idea” as you put it. It entails a great deal of responsibility and of preparedness. You need a plan, a destination, a set purpose, connections, the usual stuff. You need to prepare, and demonstrate to those who would have you that you qualify. As below, so above. No one goes to an international airport just to get on any plane going anywhere. There has to be some sort of proper “paper work” before boarding. No one gets a degree just by asking a university to grant them one.

      [[When you do not have such an idea of what sustains from you after life, you cannot imagine what happens at the moment of death.]] There is a program by the controlling “Matrix” to keep people ignorant of the greater workings of the cosmos. It’s like TV; the news, sports, entertainment. It keeps people from thinking about what’s actually real, so much that eventually they believe that the media is what’s real. Life within the Matrix (the System, the Status quo) is a massive illusion that claims it is reality, and what is real is called illusion. Even in your previous comment, you had to say that I had to use a feeling and mindset to accept the unavoidable. It is impossible for someone in Matrix teaching to grasp what I am saying, or even what I am. In Matrix terms, the person I know myself to be simply does not exist.

      Take the concept, life. For example, physical life isn’t life, it’s just atoms in motion, and in complex beings, it’s groups of atoms in motion. But that would not work if there wasn’t “something” sustaining it, something with a purpose. It is when we choose to join with the purpose of life that we free ourselves from the mental blindfold of the Matrix and become cosmic beings. At that point death is just another experience, neither an end, judgement or punishment.

      I hope that in some small way I’ve answered some of your questions. It’s an endless topic, isn’t it.

  3. Thank you for your comment and if I may reply:
    I think your ‘Matrix’ is applying to everything and everyone as long as we have thoughts and use our words to describe our feelings, knowledge, experiences and ourselves, because the matrix is the picture we build and believe in. Therefore, I think even your experience of death and past lifes is a matrix generated answer to the quest of the meaning of life. I think you are similarly convinced that your picture of the afterlife is correct as a catholic nun. Maybe the only difference is the words one uses.
    However, the meaning of my post was rather meant to describe the ones who try to avoid death through medical technology or just by distracting themselves with for example making huge amounts of money. Death is unescapeable and having an answer is soothing, no matter how deep the knowledge, experience or misguidance of this answer might go. Don’t you think?
    I believe in your experiences, but sadly not everybody has made them. Some don’t even try and are surprised that there is an end to their lifes. I think this is one of the main tasks in life to achieve peace with ones own death.

    Thank you for you thoughts and experience, I appreciate your openess to share your experience and thoughts. I am grateful for your input!

    • Thank you for your kindness. I see you are concerned about people who cause themselves, and others, much unnecessary grievance in their useless quest to avoid death. I think I understand your point now. Well said, Olaf.

  4. We can imagine dying, not death itself. We´re not at all experiencing death. How should we, shifting out of focus. How irritating wonderful: death does never “happen” to us!


    • Does it or does it not? Isn’t death just a shift from living to non-living and in a sense we are experiencing it, somehow? The question is what do we experience and what is real. Dying is real from the perspective of our human logic, but from the view of the organic matter it is just a transformation. So how is the viewpoint from the soul or inner self? Do we really die or is there something else so that something just moves on?

      • what should there be than existence. The pure existence. Death is just existence without the awareness of the brain. Why shouldn’t there be an awareness that is nothing else, beyond the matter. For me the question is not, if there is something else we´re moving to, but rather if we ´re possible to experience it. Death seems to be just the absence of humanly awareness. But awareness itself seems to be in some way existence itself. I assume we´re going to exist in some way. However, are we going to experience it from the self-ware-perspective or are will we just be. Sometimes the stillness of mind is also called death.

      • Yes this is very true. I agree with your perspective on the pure existence and the possibility of taking the awareness beyond our human existence. Therefore, I think we are able to experience death, but not from the perspective of the human existence. Just be aware!

  5. Having worked in hospices for years this is a favourite topic of mine – plan to blog on it in more detail sometime. Most avoid death because we don’t want to think about it but I sincerely believe that we need to confront it – write our wills, write out our preference for funeral, advanced health directives, etc. Facing it allows us to live life more fully! Thanks for starting the conversation.

    • Hello Kate, I had a bit of a chuckle at your comment, “most avoid death because we don’t want to think about it.” I thought, what an easy way to avoid death… 🙂 Of course I know what you mean, people avoid the topic for the reason given, but don’t you think there is more to “preparing” than having a will, etc.? Has man devolved so far that all aspects of “spirituality” or connections to “spirit” are gone, or necessarily need to be done away with? We are more than just activated matter and our mind, capable of reason, philosophy, seeking beyond the physical limits of a body certainly indicates that “death” in the physical sense is not an end in itself? Some of us don’t live in “Pleasantville” and our life’s journey doesn’t stop at the end of Main Street!

      • Sha’Tara, thank you for the comment. I see you point and I think yes there are people like you and me, who know there is more than death awaiting us at the end of our life. However, I also see and feel that there is a huge amount of people who are jut ignoring the fact that their life’s have an end. They just avoid thinking about it, for either religious, social, stupid or egoistic reasons. It doesn’t matter why they just do it…

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