Just There

The seagull glides on the thermal current.
The plant embraces its beauty through the flower and colorful petals.
The mountain awaits still the changes of eons.
I sit in the middle and there is nothing.
Nothing to see.
Nothing to do.
Nothing to go to.
Nothing to worry about.
Nothing to suffer through.
The mind flies on the thermal currents with the seagull.
The eyes observe the beauty of the plants.
I feel the rock beneath myself.


Things are about to change
We only realize the big ones.
Or did you see the slight change of the moon this night?
Did you feel the slow changes of temperature?
Do you see the everyday changes in the running of the sun?
The small changes are the real life, the big ones are are just the sum of these small things. Please, acknowledge the small ones too, we are all only individuals with small impacts, which sum up.
Did Napoleon fight his wars alone?
Was the French Revolution only done by Robespierre?
All changes in history, present or future are big things, but done by the small ones.

The End

This is the end.
The end of what?
The end is where?
Is there really an end?
I don’t see an end.
Why would there be an end?
Wouldn’t the end be a new beginning?
Let’s begin not end!
The end ends here and beginning starts.


Plato questioned our world view.
Socrates was concerned with our logical thinking.
Nietzsche thought about our religious relationship.
Wittgenstein told us to rethink our words.

In sum they taught us to be and not to be haunted by the social conventions.
Follow your heart and virtue, not the words and believes of others.

We shall be, just be.


Dreams are reality,
Reality is a dream.
Illusions are reality,
Reality is an illusion.
Thoughts are reality,
Reality is just a thought.
Live is reality,
Reality is living.

Human (vs.) Nature

A tender light on the horizon
The sky turns into a soft red
The beauty of the morning enfolds
A plane rides straight through it
And leaves a white trail
Cutting the sky in pieces.
Quite morning hours
Birds waking up starting their choirs
A harmonic melody floats through the air
A truck comes to an abrupt halt
Shrieking tires on sleeping asphalt
The birds are quiet now.
Beautiful tree giants rising from the forest
50 shades of green
A living lung for the planet
Dark smoke shadows the view
Cracking wood under red flames
Destroying the beauty of nature.
Nature has its beauty
Grown through millenias
Earth is a living organism
Humans build their fortresses against nature
Suppressing natural elegance through the concrete
Burning down forests, exploiting the earth.
Quietly absorbing the world around us
No thought, no possessions, nothing there
Living right now, living right here
Thinking about the forgotten oven, yesterday and tomorrow,
Only worrying about money and property
Forgetting the moment living for the next deadline.


Clear lies the lakes’ surface,
Until the rain drops start falling.
Each one producing perfect circles,
Until the next one falls.
After the last drop,
the lake mirrors the fleeing clouds.


The sun is up
I am moving
The sun sets
I am settling
Every time the sun rises
I learn something new
Every time the sun sets
My choices are widening.
The morning sun shows the direction
There is no goal just the way
The evening sun marks the place to rest
There is no finite lieu.
Life starts with the rising sun
And we begin to learn the lessons of life
Life ends with the setting sun
We settle in another sphere of knowledge.