Words are in-adequate

There is never a proper description of experience.
Good writer come close to the truth, but never reach it.
We can imagine the written words, but this makes them half-experienced.
We cannot make the unique experience readable, there is always something missing.
Words are to weak to describe the nature of experiences,
they fail because they are shrunken into standardized information.
Words drive us from the task, we stop doing something to listen to someone,
but life should be doing and experiencing the natural forces.

2 thoughts on “Words are in-adequate

  1. Perhaps, since we possess “the gift of the gab” we should realize there’s room to accommodate both, the words and the doing. The problem with technocracy is that “communication” has superseded action and that is definitely dummying-down Home Sapiens. How far down, that remains to be seen.

    • True, especially in our modern world we use the words not to describe the wisdom of the world, but to blab around over nothing. I honestly believe the world would be a better place if there weren’t that many words used per day. More doing, less talking. Only aware talking.
      Thanks Sha’Tara for stopping by and taking your time on my blog.

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