North Star

Shines so bright under the moon far away.
Gives direction for lost seafarers.
Gives hope in frightening nights.
Anchoring the world for the next adventure.

As long as you shine I am fine.



7 thoughts on “North Star

    • Thank you I am honored. Glad you like it. It reached its target. Look up to the stars later that night, you might see me there looking down at you, at Seattle, the West Coast, North America and the blue planet.
      I love stars! They put life into the right light. But which light?

      • Yes, the light which traveled an unbelievable distance and we are only seeing a blink of an eye during our earthly existence. If we could understand the language of the light we could listen to infinite stories.
        Let’s get lost in the light of the stars this night. Forget about earthly problems, jump into outer space with your mind and find a poem or two…

      • Sounds like a lovely idea. My sun has to set first, though. 🙂 Enjoy your stargazing! My favorite is Pleiades. Tell me if you find it.

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