Plato questioned our world view.
Socrates was concerned with our logical thinking.
Nietzsche thought about our religious relationship.
Wittgenstein told us to rethink our words.

In sum they taught us to be and not to be haunted by the social conventions.
Follow your heart and virtue, not the words and believes of others.

We shall be, just be.


16 thoughts on “Philosophy

  1. Every theory seems both provable and improvable…even sometimes in science. Goes to show, in reality, we know very little we can count on. So, yes…just be! 🙂

    • Yes theories are only valued as long as you accept the axioms, which define your point of view onto it. When you change that you can find a million other answers.
      Therefore, take the life as it comes. Sad, happy, poor, rich, in Seattle, somewhere else ;o)

  2. Science itself is based on a leap of faith like any other core belief. It’s based around the concept that the past will repeat itself, there is no other reason to believe in this logic except that in the past the past has repeated itself. It’s circular. Of course this logic is bound to our miniscule perception of time in an infinite universe. So it could be rephrased “The past has repeated itself thus far, so we assume it shall continue, we the beings that have lived for less than a blink of times existence and thus are qualified to make this assumption” seems kind of ridiculous at that point… once you realize all beliefs are really a matter of choice at the core, you can begin to decide what you truly want to stand for.

  3. There are few, if any, absolute truths. We as people desire absolute truths to make sense of nearly everything. Seems like under that logic we are in constant conflict. Better to “just be” like you said.

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