Things are about to change
We only realize the big ones.
Or did you see the slight change of the moon this night?
Did you feel the slow changes of temperature?
Do you see the everyday changes in the running of the sun?
The small changes are the real life, the big ones are are just the sum of these small things. Please, acknowledge the small ones too, we are all only individuals with small impacts, which sum up.
Did Napoleon fight his wars alone?
Was the French Revolution only done by Robespierre?
All changes in history, present or future are big things, but done by the small ones.

5 thoughts on “Change

  1. Hey man, we set our blog on ‘private’ and tried to invite you to be with us but Word Press managed to screw things up. We’re working on it.

      • We went back to ‘public.’ We got no help from Word Press about the problems we were having. And thanks for your kind words!

      • You are welcome, yes I believe WP is helping only when you pay them well. I am on the free account too and every now and then WP has some hiccups.
        As long as I can follow you I am happy…

      • The sentiment is likewise, as long as we can follow you as well…… And it figures, they’d want money. Just like Deviant ptui Art.

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