Globalized Individuals

We can travel the world, but live at home.
We can reach everywhere by the fingertip on our smartphones, but stay at the same pages.
We can believe in everything, but stick to our prejudices.
We can become whatever we want, but watching the latest episode.
We can free our thoughts, but fence them in.



A fade strip of light,
Birds are singing their morning prayer.
Beside me the cat sits and listen,
Waiting for the new day to come.


From the deepest core of my heart I do love you.
I feel the warmth of your breath on my skin.
You make my heart jump and my life full.
You deserve more than I can give.

Fly free and experience more than just this love.
An heavily connection ties us together.
Deep, true, trustful.
But you need the freedom for more.
Our love is not touched by the others.
We stand together forever.
In deep love.


We are running blind through life. As if in a thick fog we only realize ourselves. Only sometimes we can take a glimpse on what lies behind the fog. 

The fog is only the minds obfuscation.
A clear mind will open your eyes.


Our mind defines our life.
Our attitude towards the world constitutes our path.
We view our surroundings like we think.
Positive thinking brings a positive world.
Negative vibrations hold many deep holes.
A fresh mind keeps life everyday new.
A rotten perception emerges septic thoughts.
Life can be beautiful if we have a calm mind.
Open the mind open your life.

The Moment

Nothing is there,
Everything is here.

No reason to go there,
when all you need is here.

The past is there,
and the future too.

This moment is here,
nothing else you need.