From the deepest core of my heart I do love you.
I feel the warmth of your breath on my skin.
You make my heart jump and my life full.
You deserve more than I can give.

Fly free and experience more than just this love.
An heavily connection ties us together.
Deep, true, trustful.
But you need the freedom for more.
Our love is not touched by the others.
We stand together forever.
In deep love.


6 thoughts on “Intouchable

  1. My favorite lunatic is the Apostle Paul. Man, he got so much wrong, and the rest of us have suffered for it ever since. One thing which he did say, albeit in another context, was that he knew “te peace which passeth understanding. And THAT is what a truly open love is about! It’s like the wise old hippie saying: “If you love someone, let them go. If they come back they are truly yours, but if they never come back, they were never yours.” And “yours” is in the aphoristic sense, not the possessive.

    • Yes so true. Let us stop the suffering of monogamism… Free the love!
      Thanks for the comment, always entertaining and educating your comments.

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