Age is a measure of time. Time is relative, so is age.

As children we face the age of parents and grandparents. They seem so old.

An old age lets people face the end of their time, but they feel they need to fight it.

A rocks’ age is for living things an eternity, but only a flicker in the eye of the universe.

An eternity can be experienced in each second and life stretches through the aons.

An infinite age can be accomplished by mindfulness and awareness.


Our society is creating blockages against the freedom of our minds.

Our society favors logic, luxury, technology, comfort and other things which makes life easy and peoples minds lazy.

Our society has to improve on quietness, unity, sustainability and inwardness.

We have to find the inner peace, nature’s heart, one-ness and nothingness.

Start your quest now. Avoid ideologies, which are binding your thoughts.

Free the mind. Live the moment.


I am addicted to life. I inhale life, I exhale life. From birth to death full of life.
But my addiction is an illusion. There is no life.
No birth, no death.
We claim the illusion to be true, to have something to live for.


We want the good to sustain forever.

We want the luxury of having everything and keep it forever.

We want nature exactly the way it exists.
To sustain means stasis.

To sustain means no-progress.
Sustainability is only seeked by the fools.

The wise man knows there is a need for change.
Sustainability is static, while change is dynamic.


We think to disrupt businesses is great. Whole industries are build on top of this idea.
But a child who disrupts the parents is rude.

We think that changing the way things go helps to innovate and create something new and better.
But a person who does not think in social ways is considered crazy and locked away.

We think we just found the way to evolve the world and our culture through disruption of traditional ways.
But people have done this for aons.

The concept is not new, it is just hip. The best way to disrupt your thoughts is to sit down and being quite.
Silence is the answer.


Nature evolves from simple to complex.
We are learning first the basics and later more and more sophisticated things.
In order to connect to your origin go back to your seed.
Find the origin of your being, find the core of your existence.
Find your energy, your love.
Find it and be, just be.
Don’t think about it in complex ways, just be.