I am addicted to life. I inhale life, I exhale life. From birth to death full of life.
But my addiction is an illusion. There is no life.
No birth, no death.
We claim the illusion to be true, to have something to live for.


4 thoughts on “Life

  1. I’m feeling mischievous today! This is Sara Jane, btw, hello Olaf! Here we go *eyeroll*
    We claim the illusion to be true
    But but what if the illusion is an illusion?
    Bu then, wouldn’t this illusion of an illusion be an illusion?
    Like, how many voids could you pack into a vacuum?

    • Hahaha, I like it, you put on your smarty pants. Playing the trickster.
      I think the answer is simple, all is possible. Like Alice you can fall in the rabbit hole, and like Phil (Groundhog Day) you wake up to the same different scenario over and over and over again.
      It is up to you how many layers of illusion you might be able to decipher, but be sure, you will always find another one.
      And, therefore, there are as many voids in the vacuum as you can imagine are there…

      Thanks Sara Jane, nice to have a riddler amongst the followers! Enjoy it.

  2. “There is no life.” Hm, isn’t life the one defining aspect of the cosmos? If not life, then what? These kinds of statements always leave me perplexed.

    • Is life really the defining aspect of cosmos? What makes a bird’s life defining? And in which way is life defining cosmos? Maybe these are just words with no proper meaning. Life could be the defining principle, or maybe consciousness or energy or just the existence itself. Does it matter? However we describe it it won’t be the right thing, would it?

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