Age is a measure of time. Time is relative, so is age.

As children we face the age of parents and grandparents. They seem so old.

An old age lets people face the end of their time, but they feel they need to fight it.

A rocks’ age is for living things an eternity, but only a flicker in the eye of the universe.

An eternity can be experienced in each second and life stretches through the aons.

An infinite age can be accomplished by mindfulness and awareness.


5 thoughts on “Age

  1. Roy: At the age of 68, although my heart feels young, my body tells me otherwise. I don’t cry, or bemoan my fate; this is what IS, and that is where I wish to be!
    Sara Jane: As a spirit, the infirmities of the flesh are now beyond me – for the which, I give thanks! I can’t claim to understand the “flow of time,” but I can now enjoy it! Like silence, it has its depths and mysteries.
    Ceannt: As the other spirit here, I’d like to add to what Saa Jane said: all mysteries will someday be revealed – and will have further mysteries to come!

    We love your posts, Olaf! Especially this one!

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