We live in our own little bubble. There are social, personal, emotional, religious and many more spheres we are living in. We fear to leave these spheres, it is the unknown. It could bring our bubble to burst.

We have to step out of our spheres of comfort. We have to leave our social concepts. We have to discover the unknown. We have to expand our spheres until the bubble bursts open and we reach everywhere. There are no limits, there are only spheres of our mind. Open the mind and leave the spheres behind.


Full of energy.
Tired all the time.
Season of change.
Season of life and death.
Season of being.
Season of now.
Because tomorrow it is gone.


Finding your keys somewhere.
Searching for your car in the parkade.
Targeting your true self.
Detecting your heart’s desire.
Closing in on nature’s truth.
Discovering your oneness with the nothingness.
All the same.

Move on

To move on means move your mind, change your mindset.
To go on in your life means taking opportunities.
To live a full life brings changes, improvisation and new creative ideas.

Live and let live.
Be and let it be.
Enjoy with fun.

Live is an adventure and so should be living.
To explore new lands starts with leaving the old land.
To think new ideas begins with abandoning the old ones.


One day you wake up and you are grown up.
You step over a shadow-line.
One day you realize the leaves are turning red.
You step over a shadow-line.
One day you experiences the pain of life.
You step over a shadow-line.
One day you feel the injustice of the society.
You step over a shadow-line.

There are plenty of secret lines in our lifes and we define what they are and how they affect us. The true way is the way without any shadow or lines to cross. Life is what you make out of it.


Life is endless long, your time is just short.
A second feels like hours.
Time is precious and just flies by.
Water as hard as stone.
Death as the end of life is an inspiration for the living.


Day and night are equal. Like twins, they are ruling the world with a perfect separation. No night extremes, no daylight extremes. Both are equivalent, similar important, balanced. One of the best days in a year to celebrate opposites. Today they are partners, lovers and friends. Honour both and receive their energies. Live during the days as well the nights. Enjoy them both. Today.

Playing Games

Games are most teachable.
Play the game of life.
Learn to win and to lose.
It is not about the one or the other.
It is about the way, the fun on the way.
Live your game of life.
Start every day over, again and again.