Nothing There

There is no house.
There are no private properties.
There is no homeland.
There are no nations.
There is no nationality.
There are no private possessions.
There is nothing to own.

Just be and live and stay in the now.
That is all there is. All you need. 


4 thoughts on “Nothing There

  1. Interesting concept. If you were in my neighbourhood I’d just have to have you demonstrate how you can “live” that way. For me, denying reality is never the way to go. I do live in detachment, but of necessity all the things mentioned above have to be in my life… if I want to live it. If I lived as above I’d have to become completely dependent on others to supply every single one of my needs, and I happen to think that’s an unfair expectation. Obviously I’d never be in a position to help anyone else either and I can imagine what that would do to my attempt to develop a compassionate lifestyle. When I did religion (Christianity) I was amazed how easily people, especially priests or preachers, “spiritualized” the really tough demands of a spiritual life. It wasn’t meant to be taken literally, they said. I completely disagreed. If it cannot be done literally, then it’s a false and useless teaching. That’s my opinion based on a long life’s observations and trial and error.

    • Thank you Sha’Tara for your comment. I think there is a bit of misunderstanding.

      I believe that in our socialized western civilization we have the wrong concept of owning and property. We believe that this is a natural predisposition, that we humans own the land and are supposed to cultivate it, that we have the right to misuse it.
      But we do not need to own a house or a mansion or castle, all we need is a shelter or house (as you have it in urbanized constellations). There is no need of owning a car when you could share one. There is no need for borders or nations. These are all concepts made by our civilization in order to control people in a way that they follow the lead of power and money.
      These concepts narrow our creativity so that we are bound to the dragging a of this society. We see people who are worse than a hamster in his wheel. Every day they run the same routine (I have no objections over routines) and they fail to live a life in humanity, because they are slaves of these social concepts and so deeply interwoven that they cannot see an escape.

      I hope this clears the idea behind this post. Anyway, thank you for your input, I always like your thoughts, which make me think twice.

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