They form the coming era and we shape them.
They learn from our behavior and actions.
They are born unprejudiced and we train them judgement.
They are free in their thoughts and we channel their ideas.

We control their minds with our prejudices.
We project our beliefs onto them.
We adjust their behavior that they match the societal conformities.
We define the future of our relationship to the next generation.

Together we can change the world for better.
Together we can free our minds.
Together we can learn from each other.
Together we can reach a new understanding.


7 thoughts on “Kids

  1. A good observation on children, Olaf. However, the last paragraph, life has taught me that “together” we can do nothing that can change anything with any substance. There is no “together” – it is only as an individual that I can do anything to change the world because I can change the individual “me” and if that isn’t changed, togetherness only makes things worse, as we can observe everyday. Think self empowerment. Collectively the worst in people gets distilled into evil. See corporations; the military; banksterism, religious bigotry. That’s why we are taught from day one to rely on corporatism, or collectivism, to make change: it’s a guarantee the world’s evil will proliferate and that evil benefits those in power. The biggest problem with “together” is that togetherness does not, and cannot, lead to compassion and without compassion “your” world is doomed.

    • Thank you for you comment Sha’Tara. As often with our conversations I meant something slightly different.
      The idea behind the post was that together with our kids we can change the world. Not together with other stupid adults.
      No it is the idea of working together with our kids to accept their creative and unconventional thoughts and find better solutions for our future. Kids are so creative in their thoughts and doings. I love new things and kids make every day new.

  2. Now that I’m a garrulous old goat I find that I’m learning from my (adult) kids. I’m not ashamed to admit that they’re smarter than me – and sometimes, wiser.

  3. Sha’Tara I think you’re painting a bleak view on ‘togetherness’. If it was as hopeless as you painted it, society and humanity would have crumbled long ago. We’ve been perpetuating for 200,000 years without evil being victorious and snuffing out the last light of hope. Humanity has overturned evil many times in history through revolution and rallying hope and we will continue to do so. Humanity has been taught collectivism from day one as a means of survival. It’s ingrained in us to be ‘together’ and develop our values and beliefs as a collective unit. The challenge, and responsibility, we now have is to steer this massive collective in the right direction.

    • That is a correct observation seraphiblog. However, I think evil times and good times are often a question of perspective. Humans have a productive and destructive part in them and they interact like yin and yang. In times of unbalance we have the one or the other in a dominant position. These times are what history records; the times when nothing happens, no-one considers to protocol the nothingness which happens.
      Yes you are totally right that we are bound in a social togetherness to create our future.
      Thanks for your input and ideas!

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