There is nothing we can truly obtain in life except of death.

Are we living to die?

No, death makes the life worth living.
Our life is just a dewdrop on a lotus leaf.
We are here and the next time we are gone.

Birth and death are the frames for our life.
We are the cherry blossom on the tree of life.


Everything is possible, as long as we can think of it and we think of it within the range of our possibilities. This range is defined by the capability of our language to describe things. Only what we can describe within a certain range is socially accepted. Therefore our social boundaries are the limits of our possibilities.

To open the range of possible choices in life one has to break the limits of the social conventions. Social limitations start with the language, as long as we talk about things we translate things into the social drawers and therefore, limit our possibilities. Free yourself from the burden of limitation and stop talking, start living.

Eye lidsĀ 

Our vision is our most powerful tool, as soon as we close the lids we are switching off the outer world and our imagination starts within our thoughts.

The eye lids are the blinds for our mind. Closing out the outside and opening up the inside. Nourishing the big ego inside us.

Opening your eyes, opens your mind. You realize the world, the way and the nature. Seeing is knowing is nothing.

Keep your eyes open. Live an honest life, look into the dark side of life and find new ideas. You can only live with eyes and mind open.


Do I exist if I do not feel myself?
Does the world exist if no-one can live its vastness.
I think therefore I think.
I am therefore I am.
Nothing else.

Or is there something else?