Everything is possible, as long as we can think of it and we think of it within the range of our possibilities. This range is defined by the capability of our language to describe things. Only what we can describe within a certain range is socially accepted. Therefore our social boundaries are the limits of our possibilities.

To open the range of possible choices in life one has to break the limits of the social conventions. Social limitations start with the language, as long as we talk about things we translate things into the social drawers and therefore, limit our possibilities. Free yourself from the burden of limitation and stop talking, start living.


2 thoughts on “Possibility

  1. And hence why many of my dreams cannot be explained by lamguage and why they are akin to a fantasy realm type genre, and why that genre appeals to me. And oddly enough, I have also had several of my more realistic dreams come true, so who knows what is possible…..

    • True and yet you stopped talking and having those dreams for once. Secondly, you had the dreams and feel them, describing them scratches barely the surface of their true potentials, doesn’t it?
      Thank you for stopping by and commenting, Alice.

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