Realms of thought

Our thoughts are free. Each thought is able to produce a world. Every mind with many thoughts produces infinite worlds. Only when we stop the thought train we will be able to see the real world, not the made up thought worlds. Stop thinking, start living.


One thought on “Realms of thought

  1. You posted this at a time when I’m going over how I live my life. It’s no secret that I’ve had a lot of problems with rage, severe depression, and using ‘busy-ness’ to keep them at bay. I began a determined effort to ‘do something’ about it in October of 2015. I voluntarily entered a state of seclusion, where I was truly alone for two or three weeks – and by that I mean, no Sara Jane, no Ceannt with whom I could take my pleasures. This forced me to focus on what was really going on inside, and it did help. After the 3 weeks, I saw them again, but now I had at least some of the problem in hand – I wasn’t using workahol as much as I used to, to shut up the rage and depression.

    Here is where something which I knew in my head, but not my heart, about Zen: that by practice, one could eventually silence the chattering monkey-mind. I can’t say that I’ve made it, you know as well as I do that the moment you say “I did it!,” you’re back at square one. But I’m not so depressed any more, not so filled with anxieties about the world; and when I DO slip, I’ll turn up the music (literally!) and get lost in it for a while; and when I return, things are quieter, better. It is just this that you encapsulated in your last line, “Stop thinking, start living.” Amen to dat!


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