I want to be free.
I don’t to be a slave of my work.
I don’t want to clean the house every day.
I don’t want to be a dad when I come home tired.
I don’t want to be a husband fixing things.
I want to be free.
But then…

I love my work.
I love the relaxing feeling of cleaning my house.
I love to be a dad of free riding kids.
I love to be the husband.

Being free is part of your mental state. You can be free in the most enslaving environment. You can be free without money or opportunity to travel. You can be free in your heart, in your soul, in your mind.

Being free means living, thinking, behaving like a free (wo)man.


4 thoughts on “Free

    • Yes we are, but so we are slaves to our body, our habits, sorrows and much more. The question is not if we are slaves of all these things, the question is if we are letting them enslaving us. If we are enslaved to money we develop the need and greed for more, we are not able to enjoy the situation with what we have.

      You can have the same with food, you can be greedy looking for the next lobster or you can make the best delicious dinner from just rice with carrots.

      It is the mental state which says what we do and want. It does not mean to live without money or food or apartment. Yes on one side we are slaves, but how much we are enslaved is our choice…

      • If we are enslaved to money we develop the need and greed for more ( Not everyone ) There is also a lot of good that is done with money. Depends on how you use it. One needs to develop satisfaction with basics and not go overboard with money like some people do.
        Everything in moderation. You don’t have to eat the second lobster. You don’t have to overeat at all. Having knowledge of eating habits is an asset. We feed our bodies way to much as this is how we have been thought. Every thing we are thought can be unlearned. Simple nutritious meals is all we need.
        You only enslave yourself as much as you let the world do that to you. We are slaves in essence unless we all rise up and demand a new way of living. That is not going to happen soon as people like the way they live as long as they don’t experience to much hardship. I think there is such unhappiness in the world today and hopefully one nation at a time will find a different modality of living. I welcome the transition. If you replace money with bartering you enter the same ideology while some have skills and others don’t. Be well my friend

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