We are damned to be free, damn it!

We can run freely, but this is not the point.
We can talk freely, but this is not the point.
We can listen freely, but this is not the point.

The point is to reflect on your free-running.
The point is to reflect on your free-talking.
The point is to reflect on your free-listening.

We are damned to run, talk and listen freely.
We are damned to rethink our behavior.
We are damned to be free.


Air we breathe.
Filled with oxygen.
Carries away the toxic carbon dioxide.

The Air we breathe.
Fresh energy is taken up.
Used air released.

Have a deep breath.
Let the air flow.
Live and breathe.

Leaves in the wind

Green, fresh leaves sailing in the wind. Still attached, the wind pulls hard. The leaves are surfing, moving to the right, gliding back to the left and again. Until the wind softens, the leaves relax. Open up towards the sun, embrace the rays of light. With the next blow they break off and are gone forever, flying away. Up, up, up, into the sky. Eventually down into the ditch, where bugs and beetles are waiting.

Listen to the world

Full lotus, knees hurting.
Breathe unsteady, mind wandering.

Focus on breath, mind calming.
No pain, opening the ears.

Bee humming, butterflies flapping.
Ants tickling, beetles scratching.

Somewhere is music, cars and a plane.
My mind is just blank, absorb everything.

No filter, just listening, not thoughts.
Realizing the variety in the world.

Taking up sound waves, enjoying nature.
Being part of them, listen to the breath.

Old drift wood



Wind erosed.

Sun bleached.

Ocean polished.


Salted surface.

Solid on the beach.

Brought in by the tide.

Deposited from the sea.


Where have you been all the time?

Sit down and listen to its story.

Hear the waves reaching the surf.

Feel the wind rushing through the air.


Oceans spills out what’s not his.

Long forgotten stories from far away lands.

Nature is a circle of energy, nothing is ever lost.

Be part of nature and do not get lost in human waste.

Same, similar, different

We all have our routines. Every morning, night, at lunch, before sleeping, while we are sleeping.

Look closer!

Nothing is quite the same, though it might look similar. Every morning while preparing breakfast, we are distracted by different things, in another way. Every morning our focus drifts slightly differently.

Look even more close!

Never falls the same leave twice. Not even in a similar way. Each leave has a different path of falling. Our days are like leaves, they are different. You are different, every day. You only need to realize it. Feel the differences. Live the changes every day. Recognize that you do every day something new, even if you think you have done it thousand times.

Bring you mind close to the task at hand!